The Simplest Ways to Save Time

You are so busy running your business that your “I don’t have time” is impacting on you and your bookkeeper. You are finding it difficult getting the necessary information required to your bookkeeper in a timely manner. What can you do to make this more efficient in this fast paced life that you live?

Tip 1 – Prioritise and Diarise

Everyone is busy and time is a very precious commodity. We all have the same amount in a day/week/month/year but you have less than others. And we do work under time constraints.

Expectations need to be reasonable and respected if there is going to be a mutually beneficial relationship.

Business owners need to be able to prioritise their time to meet certain deadlines which include compliance deadlines. If you are unsure, ask your bookkeeper for a timeline of dates outlining when information is required and diarise them.

Tip 2 –Time Saving Solutions

Xero Accounting Software has a great feature of being able to send out a list of uncoded bank statement lines to the client. Your bookkeeper can export the data as a .csv file so you can fill in the details and send back to the bookkeeper and provide the documents to verify the transactions.

There are also apps for Xero and MYOB which allow a business owner or employee to manage their invoices on the run.

Your bookkeeper can train you how to utilise these tools so it makes your job easier and less time in the long run for the owner.

Tip 3 – Non-Cloud Software Users

You may be resisting the change to move to cloud based software despite positive encouragement from your bookkeeper. In the meantime, you can take advantage of Dropbox to upload your documents to your bookkeeper. It is extremely simple, just take a photo of the receipt or invoice and save it to Dropbox and let your bookkeeper know.

Another online solution is HowNow Online. All your documents kept in one online portal where you and your bookkeeper can have access at any given time.

But like any solution, it will only be successful if both parties are committed to implementing and using them.

We all want to go about our work with the least amount of stress as possible. Remember, your bookkeeper has exactly the same amount of time as you.  So, you may want to have the discussion with your bookkeeper on how to improve your relationship so both are benefiting without the angst caused by lack of communication and insufficient systems in place.

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