Are You Equipped To Deal With Today’s Solutions?

Change, Adaptability, Concrete, Traffic, Solutions. What do these words have to do with being equipped to deal with today’s solutions? Gus Balbontin, former CEO of Lonely Planet says, “a lot”.

I had the pleasure of attending MYOB Incite 2017 in Sydney today. So you are probably wondering what Gus Balbontin has to do with accounting software giant, MYOB? Apart from being an avid traveller and former CEO of a global organization, he provided much ‘incite’ into how we can be equipped to deal with today’s solutions and “own tomorrow”.

We reminisced on what it was like to play cassettes to listen to our favourite music back in the day. Some in the audience didn’t have any idea what he was talking about. At the time it was a ‘solution’. I don’t remember ever hearing anyone say now, “oh, I wish we could go back to cassettes”. Why?


Have you heard the saying, ‘the only permanent thing in this world is change’? Why do we say that? Because our lives are about change and so is our world.

Think about the introduction of the world wide web to the public back in 1991. Gus said there were some people working at Lonely Planet at the time that made comments along the line of, “the internet is a fad, it will pass”. They got that wrong.

The world was changing and so was the way businesses were operating. Those that didn’t embrace the change were getting left behind. Lonely Planet was one of the early adopters. They recognized they had to change to keep up. No longer were they in the business of selling books.

We are all aware of our changing environment, are we willing to change the way we do business?


Some of us find it difficult to adapt to any type of change in our lives. Our clients are constantly changing directions and it can be difficult to adjust the way we do things to meet their needs. But we need to be adaptable and “line up with our clients”.

Technology is growing at such a fast pace it can sometimes feel like we are drowning in information overload. We have to accept the realisation that Artificial Intelligence is here and it is roaring along. We need to adapt and embrace it.


What does concrete have to do with being equipped to deal with today’s solutions? Referring back to Gus Balbontin, who urged us not to be stuck in concrete. He used a photo of a concrete road then another photo of a portion of a concrete road with a dirt road going off in another direction. We don’t want to be standing on the concrete watching everyone else going off on the dirt road, leaving us behind. Stuck in concrete, or the way we have always done things.

So when our clients have a problem, we don’t want to offer them the same solution they have previously had, as it isn’t working. We have to provide a ‘fix’, which will involve change. It may be change in the technology they use or offer more advisory services. Be adaptable “and get rid of the concrete”.


“People are traffic, we are all stuck in traffic”. “Don’t complain about being in a traffic jam, as we are in cars as well”. Don’t get in the habit of always blaming someone else. “We are part of the problem but also part of the solution”. We need to find out what the problem is our clients are facing. How can we provide a solution?


John Kotter, author of “8 Step Process Leading to Change” states two steps as being:

  • need to have a clear vision
  • have to create a sense of urgency

Now is not the time to hold back. Companies like MYOB are developing more and more solutions for small businesses. Alistair Nestor, another presenter at MYOB Incite 2017, made the statement, “Anyone can start a new business, but not all can make a business succeed”.

We need to ask ourselves,

  • Am I equipped to deal with today’s solutions?
  • What two or three steps do I need to undertake in the next twelve months to be better prepared to provide solutions that businesses need?

We need to “be deliberate and specific to embrace change to be part of the future”.

I provide bookkeeping solutions to small businesses and I am happy to assist anyone who recognises the need for change and would like to discuss how I can be part of their solution.

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