Case Study: Training & Mentoring Program for Graduate Accountants

The challenge

Rothsay Chartered Accountants wanted to upskill their graduate accountants, and at the same time reduce time spent by senior accountants on supporting graduates, so that they could focus on delivering billable services to clients. They engaged Lynne to deliver a professional training and mentoring program.

Lynne’s solution

Lynne developed a 12-week program, tailored to Rothsay’s business, involving face-to-face training in key bookkeeping functions and client relationship management skills, plus ad hoc email and telephone support for the graduates. She aligned her training to Rothsay’s work practices, procedures, and processes, and industry best-practice, to improve the consistency and effectiveness of services delivered by graduates to Rothsay’s clients.

The results

The program gave Rothsay’s graduates a solid understanding of how business accounting operates in practice, including the bookkeeping functions associated with producing a set of accounts, from the transactional stage through to the preparation of financial accounts. Rothsay’s graduates also learned what was needed to deliver exceptional service to their clients, build genuine business relationships, and contribute positively to Rothsay’s overall business.

All of the graduates completed the end-of program evaluation survey, and everyone strongly agreed that:

  • Lynne was knowledgeable about the topics she presented
  • the training and support will make a difference in the way they do their job
  • as a result of the program, they felt they could make a positive contribution to Rothsay’s wider business.

“Lynne’s graduate mentoring program will create greater productivity in our firm as it will save the senior practitioners’ time, relieving them of the need to answer and explain questions about account preparation, from a bookkeeping perspective.”
James Sobol, Partner, Rothsay Chartered Accountants