Is Your Bookkeeper A Faceless Invoice Or A Trusted Business Advisor?

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Do you get an invoice each month or quarter but never hear from or see your bookkeeper? Are you kept up to date with changes to any compliance issues that affect your business? Are you aware of your current cash position? If your bookkeeper is MIA then you need to reconsider what kind of relationship you have with him/her.

Has Your Bookkeeper Become a Faceless Invoice?

What do I mean by a ‘faceless invoice’? You never see the bookkeeper. You automatically receive your emailed invoice every month or quarter and you have a direct debit setup where the payment goes out automatically. You may receive an email querying certain transactions from your credit card statement or bank account, a profit and loss report on a monthly basis and a BAS lodgment to sign.

Sometimes bookkeepers can become complacent in their relationships with clients and don’t contact them as often as they should. This is generally the start of a relationship going sour. It then seems like the client is paying too much for their services and so starts to look at alternatives.

Is this the type of relationship you want to have with someone who claims to be your trusted business advisor?

What Does a Trusted Business Advisor Look Like?

People do not buy what you do, they buy what you believe in”, says Simon Sinek. This expression is taking on more and more meaning in this age of digitisation. With a lot of functions being automated in the accounting world, it is becoming more apparent that what we (ie bookkeepers) do is predominantly what we believe in, not just data entry or compliance functions, (although these are not to be minimized as being integral to the success of a business.).

A trusted business advisor believes they can change your life by the following but not limited to:

  • empowering business owners around their finances
  • identifying gaps in client’s affairs
  • understanding client’s businesses and the challenges they face
  • providing up to date solutions
  • educating business owners and staff on best practices
  • never assumes they know what business owners want but is involved in open and clear communication – it is non-negotiable
  • uses technology to businesses advantage

Is this what your bookkeeper looks like? If not and you would like to have a chat about how I can assist you in getting back that euphoric feeling you once had when you knew what your bookkeeper looked like, give me a call on 0402 819 611 or email me at and we can organize a coffee.