7 Tips to Identify an Expert Bookkeeper

Solitaire DiamondWhat is an Expert? An expert is “a person who has special skill or knowledge in some particular field; specialist; authority”. What does an expert bookkeeper bring to your business that a ‘suitable’ bookkeeper doesn’t? If you had the choice of a Jaguar or a Honda Jazz, Gucci or Guess, which would you choose? And what would you base your decision on?

These may be considerations to help you decide if you want a bookkeeper or an expert to look after your business.

1. Professional Qualifications vs No Qualifications
2. Extensive Experience vs Limited Experience
3. Accurate Recording vs Sloppy Coding and Guesswork
4. Up to Date with Business Requirements vs Last Year’s Obligations
5. Honest & Open Communicaton vs The “Hider”
6. Takes Away Stress vs Adds Stress
7. Clear Vision For Your Business vs Day to Day Data Entry

What Difference Does it Make to Your Business?

An expert will bring both qualifications and experience to your business. A person with qualifications will have gained relevant knowledge in the areas of business law, marketing, financial management to name a few. These coupled with hands on experience will provide you with surety that this person can complete their tasks to a high standard. The more experience they have in different types of businesses will help you in managing your business finances.

Having someone with whom you can engage in meaningful communication can build confidence and trust in you as a business owner as opposed to someone who feels they can do it all without much interaction. You could be concerned that the bookkeeper is not confident in doing their job, and doesn’t want to make you aware of their lack of confidence.

“Time is money” is a well known saying. An expert who is accurate in their record keeping will save you money. There will be less time spent finding and correcting mistakes in your accounts.

You can be assured that an expert bookkeeper is abreast of new legislation covering business compliance. It takes time to keep up to date, and an expert makes it a matter of priority, knowing the impact it can have on a business if you are not compliant, especially if you have employees.

So if you are in need of an expert BAS Agent/Bookkeeper who can take the stress away from you and your expertise, have your financials up to date and accurate contact Lynne on 0402 819 611 or lynne@uneedmeaccounting.